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Exposition internationale collective de calligraphie à Moscou - International Calligraphic Exhibition Moscow
Exposition internationale collective de calligraphie à Moscou - International Calligraphic Exhibition  


Exposition internationale de calligraphie - Moscou


>J'ai été invité à une grande exposition internationale de la calligraphie, à Moscou qui est organisé par International Exhibition of Calligraphy du 14 octobre au 14 novembre 2009, mais toutes les œuvres des artistes seront dans le premier musée au monde d'une grande envergure et pour une durée de 5 ans.
Visitez ce musée qui vient de fêter leur première année d'existence Contemporary museum of calligraphy


Et je tiens à remerciant avant tout, mon cher ami Manu de l'association L'atelier de calligraphie.


photographies de l'exposition



International Exhibition of Calligraphy

Exhibition 2009

Contemporary museum of calligraphy,
National Union of Calligraphers,
MVK International exhibition



The II International exhibition of calligraphy


In 2009 Moscow became the capital of calligraphy

It is where the Orient meets the West, professional artists speak to amateurs, classical calligraphy joins ultramodern art pieces. The exposition will feature art works from 33 countries: refined Slavonic and European calligraphy, traditionally reserved Japanese and Chinese creations, elegant scripts of the Hebrew and Arabic calligraphy schools.
The metropolitan audience has a rare chance to see valuable handwritten books, calligraphy masterpieces included in the Guinness World Records. Visitors may participate in mink-festivals of the Japanese, Tibetan and Slavonic cultures and visit calligraphy master-classes.
The exhibition is organized under the aegis of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and supported by the Ministry for cultural affairs of the Russian Federation. Also the exhibition was officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian rabbinate, Russian Council of Muftis and Buddhist organizations. This all emphasizes the special significance of the coming event for the cultural heritage.


October 14: from 2.00 pm (by invitation)
October 15 — November 14: from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (by ticket)
Ticket sales up to 7.30 pm


Entrance ticket
* adults — 300 RUR
* students (only with students ID cart) — 150 RUR
* children of 16 and downward, retirees and physically challenged — free of charge.


Art album « Mystery of the world calligraphy » — 700 RUR.
Attendees to the exhibition who buy the art album « Mystery of the world calligraphy » will get a special gift and a badge for free admission to the exhibition at any time (you can give the badge to your friends and relatives).



Moscow, Sokolniki exhibition centre, pavilion 7а
Please, call:
+7 495 995 05 95


Exhibition management
MVK Exhibition company
Address: 107113 Moscow, 1 Sokolnichesky val, pavilion 2


Project monitor
Elena Isaeva

Tel.: +7 495 995 05 95, ext. 477
Mob.: +7 916 353 18 28


Denis Tsukanov
Tel.: +7 495 995 05 95, ext. 530
Mob.: +7 926 188 88 10


> International Exhibition of Calligraphy

> Contemporary museum of calligraphy



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